Michael James


This weeks blog will be an introduction post for my son Michael. He is 6 years old and in the 1st grade. He was the first grand kid born on my side of the family so he was way too spoiled growing up. My sisters would buy him pretty much anything he wanted, and if it was a little pricey they would all pitch in to get it for him. His dream job is to be a crane operator and no matter how many toy cranes he receives as presents, he wants more, and he gets them.

Michael became a big brother in October of last year and has loved every second of it. He has been the best help with her even when he had a cast on his foot. If she was fussing while I was busy, he would hop on over to her and give her a paci or talk to her to calm her down. He is always asking to hold her and be involved with her, except for when she needs her butt changed. He is one of the best behaved and well mannered kids I know, which makes this single mama’s life 100% easier. I’m so excited to watch them grow up together and see what kind of bond they will have.

Earlier this year he was tested for ADHD and was confirmed he has it. Which explains a lot about his personality and how he functions. He struggles with sitting still and focusing on a specific task. Always moving from one thing to the next, never able to sit for a whole movie or play with one thing for too long. I hadn’t noticed and it wasn’t a problem until it started affecting him in school. He started to fall behind because he wouldn’t sit still and listen to the teacher and focus on his work. We started him on medication for it and he has been improving in his school work and catching up with the rest of his class.

This year he managed to break his arm on the very first day of school, chasing girls of course. Then not even a month after getting his cast off, he fractured his foot and ended up in another one. Now I’m fully prepared for any cast in the future with both an arm and a leg cast cover. The casts didn’t stop us from still having fun, thanks to the cast covers we were even still able to go swimming with the family.

Introduction Post


For my blogs I will be writing about mom life and hacks to make every day life with a toddler and a newborn easier. I’m a single mom of two so these will be about things I have done or try to do to make life simpler with juggling work, school, a school-age kid, and a new born.

I have a 6 year old son, Michael, in first grade and recently diagnosed with ADHD and I’ll be posting about how we are dealing with that and making life with ADHD as functional as possible. He managed to break an arm and fracture a foot at school resulting in experience and tips on how to find activities for him to do without full use of his arms and hands.

I also have a 3 month old daughter, Willow. I chose to do things a little differently with her, I am breastfeeding and cloth diapering her, neither of which I did with Michael. I probably won’t post about breastfeeding but I love cloth diapering and talking about it so I plan to make posts about that. I think people automatically assume it’s a hard process and don’t even consider giving it a chance.