Welcome back!

Time to introduce the newest member of the fam, Willow Ann. She was born October of last year and is a little over 3 months old. Willow is highlight of Michael’s life and I couldn’t be more lucky with the love he has for her. She has been a great addition to our family.

Willow has a lot of my first. This is the first time I have exclusively breastfed for this long and I have also taken on cloth diapering with her. They are both a challenge but very rewarding. I never though breastfeeding would make my life easier and for the most part it has. Of course, sometimes it’s a little inconvenient to worry about feeding her or pumping but if I’m not in class I’m with her so its way easier to just feed her instead of getting a bottle ready. With cloth diapering there are challenges that make it not for everyone, definitely not as easy as disposable diapers but its also not as difficult as some make it out to be. Also the diaper covers you can get are super adorable and make it a little more worth it.

Some of my cloth diaper stash (:

Some milestones Willow has reached already is rolling and grabbing/holding things. With Michael he actually crawled before he bothered to roll, so having Willow rolling from back to stomach and back again already is a change of pace I wasn’t ready for. So I’m already preparing the house for her to be crawling around and getting into things as I’m sure she will progress through that just as quickly.

I honestly wasn’t ready to have a girl, Michael felt the same about having a sister. When we found out the gender it was around his birthday so part of his “present” was to come with to find out what we were having. When the ultrasound technician announced it was a girl, Michael dramatically threw himself on the floor and laid there. I couldn’t see exactly what he was doing but he made the technician laugh. It didn’t take very long for either of us to get on board with the new baby being a girl. He was just excited to be a big brother and I was excited for the new challenges and experiences that would come with her. Oh, and all the mommy and me outfits I was finally going to be able to buy!

Michael meeting Willow

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