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This week I will be talking about my adventure with cloth diapering. I became interested in cloth diapering when a coworker, Heather, introduced me to it and after a lot of research I decided to give it a try. I did a lot of research and talked through all of my concerns with Heather. So far I love it. At first Willows dad wasn’t interested in it at all and it took a bit of convincing, but now even he likes them.

I started with looking into the diaper brands that are available and reading others reviews on them and their personal experience with cloth diapering. I also joined a cloth diaper Facebook page that helps with any questions or concerns regarding it. After reading into the wash routines and pros and cons I made the decision to give it a try.

Cloth diapers come in newborn size and one size fits all. After Willow was born I did disposables for the newborn size since I didn’t think it was worth buying the newborn size. I’m glad I didn’t because she was born at 8 pounds so she was already pretty close to the one size fits all minimum weight. I learned a “newborn hack” while doing my research and it allowed me to get started as soon as I got my first set of cloth diapers.

I got Alvababy’s from my family as a baby shower gift so that was what I started with. It was a little challenging trying to just cloth diaper when I only had 12 total. I felt like I was constantly doing laundry to keep up with it but I was determined. When we went places or I took her to daycare we still use disposables so that helped with keeping up with laundry. Once I was for sure I wanted to do cloth diapering strictly I invested in getting more. This time I tried Nora’s Nursery. And I LOVE them. The bamboo inserts work way better than the microfiber ones and I only have to use one insert instead of two reducing the size of them. Now I cloth diaper even when I’m out and about. I will start to bring them to daycare as soon as I get her into Little Blessings where I know they are okay with them.

Willow in a cloth diaper

I try to make it easier for everyone else who has to deal with them since it is my decision to do them and not everyone likes the idea. In reality, they aren’t any different or harder than disposables aside from the laundry aspect. The only difference is instead of throwing them away you put them in a wet bag. I have started to just keep the wipes in the diapers and I throw them away when I’m in the laundry process so when changing a dirty diaper no one has to worry about carrying gross wipes to a garbage. I also stuff them and pre-button them to make the process as simple as possible. So far the only people who don’t like them are the ones who don’t care enough to pay attention when I’m teaching them how to put it on.

Thanks to my cloth diapering journey I don’t remember the last time I had to buy diapers, which when you’re a broke single mom in college, it helps a ton. I plan to continue cloth diapering until she is potty trained(thanks to a one size fits all I won’t ever have to buy more diapers unless I want different designs) and if I ever have more kids I will use them for those as well.

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