10. Nursing Cover. This is a must for nursing out in public. The wraps are lightweight so they are a nice breathable material for the baby and not uncomfortable for the mom.

9. Nursing Clothes. I highly recommend nursing tank tops and shirts. It makes nursing on the go so much easier.

8. Extra Storage Bottles. Sometimes you won’t be able to pump enough to make it worth putting in a bag to freeze it. It’s convenient to have something extra to put the milk in until you have a chance to pump more.

7. Bobby Pillow. This is a must have to make nursing a much better experience. It helps support the baby so your arms don’t get tired in the process.

6. Hands Free Pumping Bra. I waited to get one of these and I wish I would have had it from the beginning. It gets hard to balance what you’re doing or need to get done when you have to sit and hold a pump for half an hour. With a hands free pumping bra I have been able to do my hair and make up to get ready or eat a meal while pumping

5. Milk Storage Bags. This one is pretty obvious, you need bags to store the milk in. Having a bunch of frozen bottles in the freezer would just take up space. I use the lansinoh brand but I’m also a huge fan of the Kiinde bags, they are just a little more spendy.

4. Nursing Pads. These are going to prevent you from leaking through your bra and shirt. Also is it important to keep yourself dry because having too much moisture there can cause you and your kid to get thrush.

3. Pump Cleaning Wipes. Life savors. When you’re on the go and you need to pump it is so inconvenient to try finding a place to clean up your pumping gear but you can’t just leave the milk on it. So when I’m pumping in between class instead of having to take it all into the bathroom and have to clean it at the sink, I have just wipe it all down and be done with it.

2. An Electric Pump! Another obvious need. There’s no way your kid will be with you 24/7 that you wouldn’t need to be able to pump. I recommend the Spectra S1. Its a more portable one, you can charge it and use it without it being plugged in so its ideal for using when an outlet isn’t always readily available, or I have even pumped while driving.

1. The Haakaa Pump! This is at the top of the list because even before you start pumping you can use this to collect your let down and start building up a supply. You just put it on while you’re nursing and it collects the milk that naturally comes out as the baby eats.

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