Hello! Welcome back.

I learned something very valuable while stuck at home with my kids. I could never be a stay at home mom.

Day one. It was pretty much like an extended vacation; we got to sleep in, no rush to get ready for anything, and we didn’t have to put real pants on. It was nice. Michael did his own thing switching between playing with his toys and going on his tablet, occasionally snacking, but mostly keeping himself pretty busy. Willow doesn’t really do much yet, just rolls around and demands to be fed every two hours. I debating getting all the cleaning and laundry done on day one so I could relax the rest of the time. I didn’t.

Day two. Michael was already starting to get restless and wanting to be anywhere but home and stuck with anyone but mom. Pretty much became a teenager and kept himself in his room all day with toys, tablet, and his Nintendo; only coming out for food, drinks, and bathroom breaks. Willow got a diaper rash and so I figured I would let her air out for a while. Laid out a mat and a towel on top then put her on it. Finally decided to do some laundry, while I was downstairs doing that, Willow managed to pee twice in two different spots on the towel and then get completely rolled off of it and then pooped all over the carpet and rolled around in it. I moved her out of it and back onto to towel while I went to get stuff to get her and it cleaned up. In the 6 seconds I was in the kitchen grabbing towels she managed to get rolled all the way over to it and in it again. Time to buy a baby gate. Other than that day two was uneventful.

Day three. With little sleep thanks to my lovely daughter cluster feeding all night, I was up way earlier than I wanted to be. Go downstairs to Michael on his tablet already, I’m about to take it away he’s on it so much. I can tell he is getting sick of being stuck at home with nothing new to do so by 10 am I was texting my sister seeing if there was room for him at daycare and off he went to play with friends. As if she knew her brother was gone and needed to take over his roll of stressing me out, Willow decided to be clingy. Which is a new characteristic for her, usually she’s pretty chill just hanging out on the floor by herself and with a few interactions here and there. Not anymore. She wanted to be held and fed 24/7. I got absolutely nothing done. Until I finally got her to bed at 9:30 and she’s smack dab in the middle of my bed while I sit here typing at the end of it hoping to not wake her up.

It’s still currently day 3 and I have no idea how I’m going to make it out of this social distancing alive. So many more events have taken place these past 3 days and I can’t even remember which day they happened to properly catalog them. It’s all one big blur and we aren’t even halfway done. Tomorrow I’m going to hide Michael’s tablet and make him go through his toys and do ‘homework’. Pray for me.

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