Hello and welcome back!

I kind of went into social distancing in my last blog specifically with my kids so I’ll do a little update on how that’s been going since then and talk about how it’s changed my life with work and school.

To update, since my last post the daycare I work at decided to close for at least the month of April after there was a confirmed case in their county. Part of me was okay with this because it limits my exposure to getting anything, but the other part of me was upset not only because it was my income but also it was my only excuse to socialize. So now I get to figure out unemployment and all that fun stuff with everything else I have going on, fun. It’ll buff though, at least I have the option of unemployment and will still be able to take care of the bills I have without worrying about having to file bankruptcy when this is all done.

Next, kids. If I could, I would still send them to daycare everyday but I decided the best way to avoid any of use from getting sick is to keep us all home, all the time. I did a big grocery trip on Monday and don’t plan on leaving again until absolutely necessary. Which will be easy to do since I hate having to load up both of my kids every time I leave the house. Michael’s dad came in contact with someone who has tested positive so he won’t be going with him anytime soon. Willow’s dad recently lost his job so I thought he would take advantage of that and come see her as much as possible. I was wrong. Visited a little here and there last week and then went completely MIA last Thursday. Perfect timing, right when I needed his help the most with starting online classes. So now I’m trying to get her on a schedule that keeps her sleeping or happy during classes we do video chats on. So far it’s been alright, she slept the whole time today.

Having Michael home more often means I have watched soo much kids TV. Michael’s shows of choice range from Barbie to Highway thru Hell(trucking show). I never wanted to be that mom that lets her kids watch a lot of TV but on days when it’s not nice enough for a recess break I let Michael watch more than usual so he doesn’t get too bored being stuck in the house all day.

Michael and homeschooling. Man. Still not made to be a teacher. I don’t know how they do it, a whole classroom full of kids. I can’t even handle my own. It helped me gain a new level of respect for teachers. Michael can read a word and then on the next page see the exact same word and have no idea what it is. Example: one of his words he had to rhyme last week was light. Today the work light was in his readings and he wouldn’t even try sounding it out. Also I learned he was playing me on his matching assignments. He was asking for my help only because I would read the words for him so he didn’t have to try sounding them out. He wasn’t too happy when I realized it and made him start reading the words himself. Speaking of rhyming light, I tried to help him out by saying “you ‘might’ have to think of a new word” or “we can ‘fight’ about it”, anything I could think of with a word that rhymed without just giving him the answer. It didn’t help at all. So it’s still a learning progress for the both of us. On the bright side, he doesn’t have a lot of homework and hasn’t been fighting me on getting it done.

When it’s nice enough we take breaks outside and he gets to ride his new bike(:

Doing classes online. I’ll admit at first I wasn’t happy about moving online. I prefer to be in a class setting and I didn’t think I would like being online for everything. The biggest reason I wanted to do on-campus was because then I had to sit down and focus on the class and not risk being distracted by my kids. So now I just make sure Michael is upstairs in his room during video sessions because he’s annoyingly nosy and so far Willow has been okay but I’m sure my luck will run out eventually. Also, trying to do homework when I have to help Michael with his own homework, cook meals, do laundry, and feed Willow, it gets hard. I swear Willow knows when I’m doing accounting because it’s when she is the most needy. Accounting is my most time consuming homework and I’m lucky if I get through 3 pages of my working papers before she’s mad that I’m not holding her or nursing her. Breast feeding a baby while flipping through 10 different pages and a book is incredibly difficult, trust me I’ve tried. I succeeded but it wasn’t ideal. To be honest, I don’t really know how I feel about it all. One minute I will be thinking about how hard it can be but then I’ll remember the times I was able to get through stuff without any interruptions. Like today’s class meeting thing, Willow slept the whole time and Michael stayed upstairs, success. I’ve managed to get all of my assignments done on time, some even done early if they are available to do. I have been able to split up my time nicely between my stuff and my kids to everything has been running pretty smoothly here. Overall I don’t absolutely hate being online and if anything it made me realize I could handle an online setting and might see if I can just do all of my classes online from here on out regardless of when the school opens back up.

I really don’t know how I haven’t lost my sanity yet. I thought I would be having a mental break down by now but I’ve actually stayed pretty calm about the whole thing. As much as what’s going on sucks, it’s showing me that no matter what life throws at me, I can handle it and find the best way to get through it.

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