Welcome and Hello!

Is college as I expected it to be? Not really. I definitely wasn’t expecting a pandemic to happen in the middle of my first semester. What a twist.

I did expect it to be a lot harder, super thankful I was wrong on that one. Or maybe it is but because I waited to know for sure what I wanted to do and that I know I can’t mess up so I’m more determined to succeed. Or maybe the first semester is misleading and I have no idea what’s coming. I also wasn’t expecting to be so bothered by not having a 100% in all of my classes, like is that even possible? You’d think having straight A’s would be good enough but I jump on extra credit opportunities to get as close to a 100% as I can.

I wasn’t expecting to socialize with anyone while in school. I assumed everyone would be way younger than me, which I wasn’t totally wrong about. I don’t think there is anyone is my classes my age or a parent as well. I’m not expecting to leave school with any new friends but there’s a few kids that I don’t mind talking to. Honestly probably still not going to go out of my way to have conversations with anyone though, it’s a little hard to talk to people at a different maturity level than you, I tried.

The instructors have been way cooler than I was expecting too. I didn’t think they would be mean or hard asses like you read about in big fancy college settings but I never thought they would be as laid back as they are. They take school seriously and make sure everyone does what they are supposed to, but they also make sure we enjoy it along the way. Also, they are super understanding, I honestly thought me having to pump would be a problem that I was either going to have to fight or figure out how to manage but everyone went way above and beyond to find me a place and never made me feel like it was an inconvenience. I was also afraid that having my kids at home with me while I do the class meetings would be a problem. Sometimes it is a little hard to stay focused when Michael is constantly asking for things(even though I specifically send him to his room and tell him not to bother me) or Willow is demanding things. I’m still waiting for my luck to run out and have Willow start crying in the middle of me talking or presenting something though. But so far I haven’t been told it’s an issue and I’d like to think if she would start crying in the middle that they would be understanding about it.

I guess I wasn’t sure what to expect from college. Homework, tests, projects, the usual standard stuff that school requires. I haven’t had to write any long papers yet, but I don’t think I’d mind doing one or two, I like typing.

Biggest thing I did not expect out of school. Actually enjoying writing blogs. Somehow it’s therapeutic, mostly because I use it as a journal and I get to talk, well write, about things that I usually don’t get to talk about. I honestly thought it would be something I’d have to force myself to do the bare minimum every week just to say I did it, but now I catch myself looking at insanely long blogs and thinking, damn I need to chill.

College is great, I love being in school and learning new things. I could spend the rest of my life in school, studying, and learning new things and never get sick of it.

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